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  • Intersection & Business DistributionPremium distribution service designed to suit your business marketing campaigns
  • Stands & House to House DistributionLetters, leaflets, flyers and magazines through the letterbox or doors
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How we do it?
The various advertising materials will be collated and rolled in a presentable manner.

Our products.
Home distribution
Business distribution
Intersection campaigns
Sample distribution
Why direct distribution?

Direct distribution is used by marketers to market their brands to consumers at their homes and thus ensuring that consumers interact with the communications at their leisure. This medium is largely used by retailers and has proven successful in the past years.

What we offers?
Take 1 Pamphlet Distributors is able to provide clients with various distribution solutions that will work with client’s marketing objectives to ensure consumer response. We offer services that include the distribution of free samples to selected target audiences, whether is home, businesses or schools.

How our distribution works?

Once our clients supply us with a brief outlining their distribution objectives, then we shall use tools available to us to map out the distribution model to suit the client’s needs. This will incorporate areas of distribution, target audience profile, flexibility of distribution and the briefing of the distribution crew. Once the above step has taken place and the client is satisfied with the model, we will then proceed to briefing our crews and implementing the distribution plan. Our sales team will continuously notify the client on the progress of the distribution and compile a distribution report upon the end of the process for the client’s file.

Benefits of direct distribution
Cost effective
Geographic specific
Date flexibility
No size restriction of material
Message recall
Retention of advertising materials