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  • Intersection & Business DistributionPremium distribution service designed to suit your business marketing campaigns
  • Stands & House to House DistributionLetters, leaflets, flyers and magazines through the letterbox or doors
Intersection & Business Distribution1 Stands & House to House Distribution2

About Us

Take 1 Pamphlet Distributors is geared to assist clients in planning and executing direct marketing campaigns and thus provide distribution solutions into homes, business, intersections and other consumer point of contact.

Our Vision:
  • To do the best distribution of marketing and advertising material.
  • Take 1 Pamphlet Distributors is constantly striving to improve and refine its service and you can be assured that whatever your needs and whoever your target market.
Our Mission
We are totally dedicated to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction resulting in growth and reward for all.

Our Values
  • Honesty, integrity and openness.
  • Reliability and consistency in delivering what we promise.
  • Loyalty and commitment to our company and our clients, in a professional and responsive manner.
  • Continuous improvement.